Elementary Probability Worksheets

How Important Is Probability to the World? How many times do you use the word probably in your conversation? Yes, it's so common that we even lose count. Now think about the scenarios where you are using this term. It is in places where you are not cent percent sure of the outcome, but it is very much a possible one. It governs a possible outcome in a situation where there are several different outcomes. In statistics, it is a mathematical calculation of the chances of occurrence of an event. But why is this an important concept and is so commonly used in our day-to-day lives? Probability is a statistical analysis that helps organizations make predictions about a specific event, and predictions along with estimations are a critical part of research investigation. It plays a key role in the decision-making process. Moreover, it allows organizations to plan and control situations as per the outcomes of a certain incident. It is a major tool in not only in our daily lives but also in scientific investigations.

Sock Drawer...

You have a drawer full of socks, there are 22 total, but luckily there are only 2 colors. If you have to grab blindly into the drawer, how many socks do you need to make a pair? You can pull out 3 socks and have a matching pair.