10 Reasons Everyone Should Master Math

Article Summary: Math isn't at all as difficult as it seems. Sometimes we need to change our thinking. We often shut off our ability to take something in. If you can overcome this habit, you can learn just about anything at any time. Mastering anything is not easy. Commiting yourself to something is very do-able.

Math isn't at all as difficult as it seems. Sometimes we need to change our thinking. When I was in Grade 10 I missed a very important link to understanding math, and for years just gave up. Until I realized that math is logical and by asking help that even I can do it. If I can do it, so can you!

Don't think in difficulty

Math is not at all as difficult as it seems. Many people just give up after one or two hick-ups. Think of it as a road with some potholes. You're not going to turn around when there is a bump in the road before you, you will find a solution to going around or even over it to get to your destination. Conquer the problem and find the solution.


Sticking to something always pays off. Rewards are inevitable and you will be rewarded according to your perseverance. Math is something you need to master and if you persevere you will not just master a math skill, but you will gain a life skill.

Feel comfortable

Memorizing formulas will help you to master the basics of math. Math formulas is the essence of every solution you need to achieve in math. Take time to study the formulas and understand them, this way you will succeed every time. Feeling comfortable with formulas will give you momentum.

Make a math journal

Take time daily to write down math problems and their solutions in a journal especially for math. This way you can go back to them whenever the need arises. You can keep your journal handy and have a quick reference guide. Do it especially with the difficult problems, also write down the contact details of the person who assisted you with that problem, for incase you need help.

Gaining experience

As with everything in life the fear of the unknown is living and breathing when it comes to math problems. The only way to conquer fear is to gain knowledge of the subject. When you have experience in something you have self confidence and you will succeed.

Positive attitude

Don't let one little misunderstand or problem make you negative towards math. Build up your attitude by sticking positive statements against your wall or work area. Remind yourself constantly that math is the key to better living and that you are able to do all things, conquer every mountain and be successful in whatever you do!

Be inquisitive

Tackle problems head on and investigate, explore or ask questions. This way you will find solutions and be able to dissolve every problem. Remember that teachers are there to help you.

Think logically

Use your daily activities to think logically and use relationships to help you master math. Every person you meet has some skill that you can learn from. Use this to your advantage and take what you learn and apply it to your own life, this way math becomes a part of who you are.

Mistakes isn't always wrong

The greatest lessons I learned from life was the ones I did wrong. Don't get discouraged when you make mistakes, these are the lessons you will remember and they will stick with you like glue. You will remember those solutions and they will become natural to you.

Don't be brave

Use your calculator. It's absolutely essential for your sanity. You don't have to do everything yourself, you have an assistant, a personal assistant that can accompany you everywhere you go. Your calculator is your best friend when it comes to math.