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Math Resources

Here you will find math resource web sites that we enjoy and have used with students or for our own first hand preparation.

Math Worksheets Land - Their worksheets and lessons are all aligned to the core math curriculum. You will find it very helpful.

Computing Technology for Math Excellence- Devoted to the standards movement and integrating technology into teaching and learning and in K-12 mathematics and calculus. Find software and sites for basic skills, problem solving, homework assistance, games/simulations, virtual manipulatives, project-based learning, standardized testing, technology integration, multimedia development, web design, math initiatives, math methodology, professional development, research, including No Child Left Behind.

Fraction Calculator- A quick way to solve problems that are giving you trouble or just check your work.

Kids Math Games- Lots of Math Games for the primary child.

JD's MathNotes- Developed by a retired mathematics teacher for the purpose of helping secondary school students who need assistance with their math homework and/or wish to improve their skills in mathematics.

Math Ebooks and Math Tutoring Services- Come to this site for the coolest of cool math ebooks, tutoring services, and great math and education articles.

Math Games and Math Software - All Educational Software has math games and software that teach counting, addition, algebra, calculus and everything in between. Math for every learner from preschoolers to high school.

Math Worksheets From Teachnology - Features a whole slew of great free math worksheets.

Math Worksheets World - Visit this site for great printable math worksheets and math worksheet makers. Make your own math problems.

Maths 4 Me- The author of this blog provides a great deal of interesting math ideas and tips that are very helpful and entertaining.

Online Math Learning- A very comprehensive directory on all areas of math and testing preparation.

Numberline Lane- Numberline Lane is based around a set of books designed to help teaching and learning maths through stories. They are written for children aged between four and seven years old.

The Math Worksheet Wizard - You can make an unlimited number of math worksheets for children, for the classroom or for homework, simply by clicking a button.