Place Value Worksheets

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What are Place Values?

Place value is defined as the location of the digit in a given number. Our base-10 number system consists of numbers from 0 to 9. But often, we need to use numbers that are much greater than 9. When we use numbers greater than 9, we use place values to determine the place of the digits in the given number. Numbers between 0 to 9 are represented as single-digit, such as 5, and 4. Numbers between ten and ninety are represented as double-digit numbers such as 45 and 86. And numbers between hundred and nine hundred ninety are represented as three-digit numbers such as 455 and 302. Considering a three-digit number 258, we can see that the last number 8 is positioned at the ones' place. The digit written at the left of 8 is present at tens' place. 5 is placed at the tens' place and shows that it is ten times the value of the number present in ones' place. The number written left to 5 is present hundreds' place. 2, present at hundreds' place shows that it is a hundred times the value of number written in tens' place.