Place Value Into Words Worksheets

How to Convert Place Value into Words - Place values are an important part of mathematics. A number without a place value holds no value or significance in the world. Every digit in the number holds a unique value and contributes to defining the number. The smallest place value in the whole number is the unit's place value. Consider a number 234; each digit in this number has a different place value. The first digit in this number holds the hundred’s place. It means that the number is made of two hundreds. The second number stands on the ten's position, and it denotes the number also has three tens. The last number sits on the unit’s place and says that there are four ones in the number. This is how the number becomes two hundred and thirty-four. It is that simple!

Whatever Happened to Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals were abandoned once the Arabic system became more widespread. The Arabic system had place value, a concept that has the position of a digit within a number changing the value of the number.