Integer Worksheets

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Integer Worksheets Listed Alphabetically:

  1. Absolute Value
  2. Adding and Subtracting Integers
  3. Addition or Subtraction Sign
  4. Addition And Subtraction Word Problems
  5. Addition Worksheets (All)
  6. Calculator Fun
  7. Consecutive Integers Word Problems
  8. Division Worksheets (All)
  9. Even or Odd Numbers
  10. Integer Word Problems
  11. Intermediate Word Problems
  12. Introductory Word Problems
  13. Making Sums and Differences
  14. Multiplication Worksheets (All)
  15. Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  16. Number Line
  17. Open Ended Integer Problems
  18. Operations with Signed Numbers
  19. Order of Operations Worksheets (All)
  20. Representing Integers
  21. Signed Numbers Word Problems
  22. Subtraction Workssheets (All)
  23. Word Problems Worksheets (All)
  24. Write the Missing Math Symbols

Integer Worksheets Listed By Skill Development:

  1. Even or Odd Numbers
  2. Adding and Subtracting Integers
  3. Multiplying and Dividing Integers
  4. Calculator Fun
  5. Number Line
  6. Making Sums and Differences
  7. Addition or Subtraction Sign
  8. Write the Missing Math Symbols
  9. Introductory Word Problems
  10. Intermediate Word Problems
  11. Integer Word Problems
  12. Absolute Value
  13. Addition And Subtraction Word Problems
  14. Open Ended Integer Problems
  15. Consecutive Integers Word Problems
  16. Signed Numbers Word Problems
  17. Representing Integers
  18. Operations with Signed Numbers

What is the Difference Between Real Numbers and Integers?

The major aspect of understanding mathematics is to distinguish between different numbers before we move along with the calculations. One of the most important numbers of differences to understand is between real numbers and integers. Let us discuss both of them individually. Real numbers are a general grouping of numbers that you can express on a numbers line. That means that real numbers consist of whole numbers, integers, natural numbers, irrational numbers, and rational numbers. When on a numbers line, if the value is located to the right of the zero, it will be positive. If it is found to the left of the zero, it will have a negative a value. Integers are a subset classification of real numbers that consist of a whole number which can be found on either side of the zero point on a numbers line. An integer is a number without the fractional part, or in other words, it is a number most probably used to count things. Although there are negative integers as well, they do not have a decimal point or fractional part attached to it.