Who Are We?

The concept for Math Worksheet Center was inspired by the same feelings you are experiencing right now. Frustration! As a group of Math Teachers we were assigned the task of helping a struggling school district evaluate and choose a math curriculum that would help their students achieve success.

It seemed like an easy concept until we started looking into the available math resources. To meet the Math Standards K-12 would require 2 different text books per grade minimum. In some transition grades we had to advise them to use 5 textbooks. The school district simply could not afford to meet the basic minimum we advised. They could barely afford one textbook per 5 children. Your typical teacher in this school district was left with one textbook per five children. The single textbook barely covered half of the Math Standards that each student was required to meet. We were left feeling helpless; as if what we did didn't even matter. Teachers simply were not giving the tools they need. Worst of all 12,000 children were being robbed of a quality education.

Over the years, countless parents have asked us, "What can I do to help my child prepare for math?" We always had nothing outside of extra homework to recommend. We put the two experiences together and realized there has to be a better way for students, parents, and teachers!

We stopped worrying and started writing! Math Worksheet Center is the solution to your math frustration. We developed one of the most comprehensive collections of math learning materials ever. We also made sure that it was unbelievably affordable.