Math Patterns Worksheets

On this page you will find: a complete list of all of our math worksheets relating to math patterns. Choose a specific addition topic below to view all of our worksheets in that content area. You will find addition lessons, worksheets, homework, and quizzes in each section.

Math Patterns Worksheets Listed Alphabetically:

  1. Binary Operations
  2. Binary Operations Advanced
  3. Color Based On Directions
  4. Connect the Dots
  5. Consecutive Numbers
  6. Cyclic Nature of the Powers of i
  7. Number Pattern Sequence
  8. Number Patterns
  9. Number Sequencing
  10. Ordering and Position
  11. Ordering Numbers
  12. Organizing and Interpreting Data
  13. Patterns with Shapes and Pictures
  14. Patterns Within Data Sets
  15. Patterns Within Shapes and Pictures
  16. Proportions
  17. Recursive Sequences
  18. Relative Positioning
  19. Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit
  20. Sequences
  21. Sigma Notation and Series
  22. Simple Pattern Skills

Math Patterns Worksheets Listed By Skill Development:

  1. Connect the Dots
  2. Consecutive Numbers
  3. Color Based On Directions
  4. Number Pattern Sequence
  5. Simple Pattern Skills
  6. Number Patterns
  7. Number Sequencing
  8. Patterns with Shapes and Pictures
  9. Ordering and Position
  10. Relative Positioning
  11. Sequences
  12. Ordering Numbers
  13. Patterns Within Data Sets
  14. Patterns Within Shapes and Pictures
  15. Organizing and Interpreting Data
  16. Proportions
  17. Binary Operations
  18. Binary Operations Advanced
  19. Recursive Sequences
  20. Sigma Notation and Series
  21. Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit
  22. Cyclic Nature of the Powers of i

How to Identify Math Patterns

Remember the game hangman? It is a game where you have to fill the missing letters in the blanks till you guess the word completely. Isn't it fun and exciting to play? Well, similar to the game, mathematics, too, has a number series that goes on and on! The whole idea of filling the number in the sequence is to find the pattern that is being followed so that you can fill in the missing blanks! But before we move on to finding what a pattern is, it is important that you first a sequence itself means! In math, the word sequence refers to a set of things, usually numbers that are presented in order. Every number in the sequence series is known as a term, member, or element. The next step is to find what the pattern is, or what rule is being used in the given sequence. For example; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12... The dots at the end of the sequence means that the sequence is infinite. In the example, the pattern used are even numbers. To find out the pattern, it is essential that you thoroughly look at it. Just like this sequence, there are other sequences with patterns. You can solve them by paying attention; they are quite easy!