Cyclic Nature of the Powers of i Worksheets

What is the Cyclic Nature of the Powers of i? If you are aware of all forms of numbers, you must know what complex numbers are. These numbers have two parts, including the real part and the imaginary part. The number that is written as a co-efficient of "i" is the imaginary part of the number. "i" in this number is the imaginary unit, and it equals to √(-1) and i^2=-1. So, what is the cyclic nature of the powers of i? When something is repetitive in nature, it is termed as cyclic. Now, if you raise "i" to large power, it will create a cyclic pattern. In this case, the powers of "i" repeat in a fixed pattern, and that is i, -1, -i, and 1.

Profound Variables

"The most powerful single idea in mathematics is the notion of a variable."

-- K. Dewdney