Number Sequencing Worksheets

What is Number Sequencing? People around the world use the terms 'series' and 'sequence' interchangeably. However, these terms are different if we look at their literal meanings. Series is where numbers are written without any definite pattern or order. Sequence on other hand is where numbers follow a definite order and pattern. Every number sequence follows a rule. Each number in the sequence is linked to the next as per a fixed order or pattern. There four types of number sequences and these include arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence, harmonic sequence, and Fibonacci numbers. Arithmetic Sequence - It is a type of sequence where each term created by adding or subtracting a definite number to the preceding number. Geometric Sequence - In this type of sequence each term is obtained by multiplying or dividing a definite number with the preceding number. Harmonic Sequence - The third type of sequence is called harmonic sequence. It is a bit different from the other two. A sequence is said to be harmonic if the reciprocals of all the elements of the sequence form an arithmetic sequence.

How many candles?

Aunt Sal's birthday cake has a lot of candles on it. They are in a pattern that goes like this: red, yellow, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, green. There is more to the pattern, add pink, purple, white and orange.

Answer: 35