Representing Integers Worksheets

How Do You Write Words That Represent Integers? There are a variety of different number systems in mathematics. These systems include real numbers, whole numbers, prime numbers, rational and irrational numbers, complex numbers, and integers. What are integers? Integers are the non-fraction numbers. These can be positive as well as negative. The range of integers goes from -infinite to +infinite and includes zero in it. So, how to write words that represent integers? If you are talking about the temperature and you see -25, you can say that there is a 25° drop in the temperature. Moreover, if there is a +500 addition to your bank account, you can say $500 has been deposited into the account. The keywords that you can use to represent integers include decrease, fall, drop, loss, and credit for negative integers. For positive integers, words like increase, add, more, and deposit can be used!

Try this math teaser with your friends:

How many times can you subtract seven from eighty-three, and what is left afterward?
Answer: I can subtract 7 from 83 as many times as I want to - and it leaves 767 every time!