Using A Number Line Worksheets

What is a Number Line used for? A number line is a picture representation of real numbers written evenly on a straight line. Real numbers include rational numbers, whole numbers, and irrational numbers. However, you cannot include the imaginary numbers on a number line. A number line has basic parts, including origin, which is mentioned as '0' at the start of the number line. We write all the positive numbers on the right side of the number line, and all the negative numbers are mentioned on the left side of the line. You can use the number line in whatever way it suits your purpose. You can use plot integers, fractions, and rational numbers. Identifying numbers - Numbers line is an easier and effective way to pinpoint the location of a number. It is easy to find a whole number like four o the number line finding 4.5 is a bit of a challenge. With number line, you can easily spot 4.5 halfway between 4 and 5. Addition and Subtraction - Number lines are significantly helpful in doing addition and subtraction. Where doing sums are the most effective way, but the initial practice of addition and subtraction on a number line helps in building the basic concept. For example, if you have 5 apples and your friend gave 3 more apples to you. When using a number line, you will move from origin to 5th place. Then to add the 3 more apples, you will proceed in a positive direction to add 3 more numbers you will reach at 8, which is your result. You will perform the subtraction problem in the same way but move in a negative direction.

How To Remember PEMDAS

A great mnemonic device for remembering the order of operations for solving equations: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. This stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication/Division (left to right), Addition/Subtraction (left to right).