Place Value (Ten Thousands) Worksheets

What Are the Place Values from One to Ten-Thousands Place? Place values are used to make the counting and pronunciation of numbers easy. Saying a ten-digit number without taking care of its place values can be difficult, and it will not give the listener an idea of how big the number actually is. That is why place values were introduced to make some sense out of the numbers. Place values start from the rightmost digit of a number and increases in value as it proceeds ahead towards left. First place value is a unit, then comes tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and so on. We continue it because counting never stops. Units or ones represent single-digit numbers; tens represent double-digit numbers, hundreds represent triple-digit numbers, and it continues to ten thousand, which represents five-digit numbers. Of course, the counting continues to a hundred thousand, and so on.


Children can get confused about borrowing in subtraction because they don't understand what they are borrowing. Place unit values show that each digit is 10 of the previous digits, all together in a group. Each 10 is 10 ones, each 100 is 10 10's and so on.