Double Digit Addition Worksheets

Out of the four basic arithmetic operations, including addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), and division (÷), addition is the easiest. Students find addition is very simple when it involves single-digit numbers. However, when it comes to adding double-digit numbers, students begin to face difficulties. Consider the addition sum; 54+37. To start adding, always start from the right-hand. When you start adding, and the result exceeds 9, you will have to use the "carrying" method. You can cross-check your result by subtracting any of the numbers from the original sum from the final result. When you do that, the result must be equal to the other number. In this case, when you subtract 37 from 91, you will 54, and when you subtract 54 from 91, you will get 37.

A funny addition joke just for you:

What kind of insect is really good at adding up all of their bills? They are very busy in the middle of April.Come on, that one is a super easy one! The account-ANT.