4 Digit to 4 Digit Addition Worksheets

Adding a large digit value can be difficult at times. You can easily lose track of which digit you added last, and the carry from the corresponding last digits that you added will be added to which column. The most important tip for addition, especially when you are adding two large digit numbers, is that you make columns and place each digit of the first number above its corresponding digit of the other number. For example, in the case of adding 3436 with 8576, 8 comes under 3, 5 comes under 4, 7 under 3, and 8 under 6. After carefully writing each digit in its respective column and under its corresponding digit of the other number, you may proceed with doing the sum according to the rules. One more tip is carefully examining whatever the number becomes the carry part; it gets added to the right column. Answer to every addition of a column must be written in that particular column to avoid any error.

What Are Anagrams?

Anagrams are words or phrases made by rearranging letters of words or phrases. Some math anagrams make words or phrases that are equal to each other, such as these:
Twelve plus one = eleven plus two
Pocket calculator = clack! total up score