Adding Double and Triple Digits Worksheets

Like every other mathematical tool, addition is also done under the predefined math rules. Whether you are adding two single-digit numbers, double digits, or triple digits, it doesn’t matter. In all cases, the rules for addition are common. It is just that the complexity increases as the number of digits increase. But there is no need to worry as addition is a systematic process, and if it is done very carefully, the risk of errors can be minimized. Adding a double-digit or triple-digit number involves a step-by-step process. First, you have to write each digit under its corresponding digit of the other number and then add them and write their answers tight below them. If the answer is a single-digit number, then just write that. If the answer is a double-digit number, then write the right digit in the answer section, carry the answer’s left digit to the top of the next column that you need to solve. This is the technique of adding two numbers regardless of the number of digits they have.

A cheesy attempt at an addition joke:

Why is 2 + 2 = 5 like wearing your pants on your head? Because it's not right!