Addition of Single and Double Digits Worksheets

Single-digit and double-digit numbers are fairly easier to add than adding triple-digit numbers. The addition is one of the most basic mathematical techniques that is usually taught in elementary classes. Single-digit numbers are extremely easy to be added. They can also be added on fingers; it is basic counting. However, they can also be solved in writing. There is another technique for adding single-digit numbers. It is called tally marks. In tally marks, you make bars representing digits. In tally marks, the maximum number of bars that you can draw in a set is five, and there is a rule for drawing tally marks. After making every fourth mark, you draw the fifth one diagonally or horizontally as if it is cutting the other four marks. For example, a tally mark can look like this |||| For the addition of double-digit numbers; they can be added using the typical addition method.

Polite Math

A polite number is a positive integer that is the sum of 2 or more consecutive integers. For example, 18=3+4+5+6 and 41=20+21. Every odd number greater than one must be polite. All numbers that are powers of 2 are impolite so don't invite them over.