Addition Math Trail Puzzle Worksheets

How Math Puzzles Motivate Students - Puzzles are just like games that are played by students of all ages, more specifically by younger ones, to pass their time in a more learned manner. This is one of those ways of learning mathematics where you are not only merging to entities to come up with a solution but also teaches them not every piece can fit everywhere. Given that we mentioned puzzles are games, it is easier for kids to get motivated through puzzles. It is one of the most effective ways of teaching math that kids can carryout for hours and hours, and still, they wouldn't feel tired. One of the most intriguing aspects of doing puzzles is getting the bigger picture, i.e. a puzzle always holds an individual's attention in the pursuit of achieving a bigger picture and how even a single mistake or misplaced tile can ruin everything or disrupt the picture entirely. Getting the whole image is what gives these students a big or moral and psychological incentive and, therefore, keeps them motivated throughout.

The Basics Matter

In learning math it is very important to understand the basics and do first things first. Start with the doubles, 1+1, 2+2, and so forth until you get to 12+12. Make sure your student knows these perfectly as almost everything else is based on them.<