Addition Review Worksheets

How to Keep Your Addition Skills Sharp - If you want to be perfect at doing math, the first thing that you need to make sure of is to practice, practice, and practice. As we grow older, we realize that mathematics is not simple; there are lots of techniques and formulas involved in solving questions. And to make sure that you do not forget these techniques and formulas, you need to practice to such an extent that you learn them by heart. If you are struggling with keeping your addition skills sharp, here is what you need to do: Understand the concept - You can keep practicing, but you will not know what you are doing until you are aware of the underlying concepts. Meaning you should be aware that you understand why you are using addition in the specific problem or why does the question require addition instead of the other three operations. Learn new concepts and practice problems - Getting towards solving the problem without having a look at what the problem is stating creates confusion. The best strategy to adopt is to understand what you are doing, clarifying a concept, and paying attention to what you are doing is important. Solving extra problems - Extra practice is always good. Make sure that you save some time from your day to practice extra questions that will help in sharpening your addition skills.

A Good Ole' Train Problem

There are 3 groups of people riding on a train going 1650 miles. The train is carrying the maximum number of people allowed. There are 25 employees, 78 sleeper car people and 332 others. How many are on the train? 435, just add the number of people.