Number Line Addition Worksheets

How Can a Number Line Be Used to Display Addition? Do you feel like your brain is jammed right in the middle of a question every time you're attempting a math question? Well, there is nothing to worry about. Math is not a complicated as it seems, and various methods can be used to make questions easier. One of the easiest and the most effective methods that can be used to solve questions without much hassle is the number line. Do you know what number lines are? Let us delve in and find out how it can be useful when you need to display numbers on the number line! When you are presented with a series of numbers, and you place the numbers starting from the smallest to the biggest numbers, the series is known as a number line. It is not necessary for the number line to start with the number zero, but the primary rule it follows is that it begins with the smallest number, and the numbers have to be displayed in order, always. Now that you have a clear idea about what number line is, let's take a look at why this tool is useful and can be used to display addition. The number line can be used for moving or jumping spaces from the point of starting. Start the number line with zero and place the numbers in ascending order. The bigger the number, the farthest it will be from zero. On the right of zero, all numbers that displayed will be positive.

Find Them!

Alex was not having his best day at school. The teacher called on him and said, "Alex, please find the sum of these two numbers." Alex sighed loudly and replied, "But, teacher, I didn't lose them."