Positive and Negative Number Line Addition Worksheets

How to Display a Positive and Negative Value on a Number Line - Does this happen that every time you start doing a math question, you feel stuck and don't know how to proceed with the question? And is that often coming in between your practice questions, you are stuck in exams as well? But you don't have to worry about it. There are lots of ways that can be used to make questions relatively easier for you to understand. One of the most useful tools that can be used for solving these problems is the number line. If you don't know what it is, then here is a very simple definition that will help you understand what a number line is. When a series of a number is placed on a line starting from the smallest to the largest number, the series is known as number line. The starting point of the number line doesn't always have to be a zero; it can begin with a small number, but the series of number lines always have to be in order. Now that you know what a number line is let's take a look at how you can place positive and negative values on the number line. Start by making a scale and make the midpoint zero. On the left of zero, the numbers that you place will be negative, while the numbers you place on the right will be displayed positive. Start from the smallest and keep placing the numbers one by one, in order. You will have yourself a number line for adding and subtracting numbers.

Fruity Math

Teacher: "What would you have if you had 43 apples, 7 pears and 39 oranges?"

Student: "A produce stand."