Visual Sums of 3 Numbers Worksheets

How to Add Three Groups Together Solving a bit complicated addition sums using the grouping technique makes addition a lot easier and faster. This technique is especially helpful when solving complex addition sums. While adding large digit numbers or large numbers, you can always break down those numbers in the values of tens and hundreds. After breaking the larger numbers into their factors of tens and hundreds, it is relatively easier to add them. Here is a worked example: 435 + 525, 430 + (5 + 525), 430 + 530 = 960 This is an example of the addition of relatively smaller numbers using the grouping technique. Grouping technique can be used to make those sums of addition that are difficult to solve, easier. Anyone who is trying to solve a sum of addition involving large digit numbers or more than two numbers, and is struggling while solving it, can use the grouping technique and make solving those sums easier.

Hard Work!

What did one math student say to the other math student after a long day at school?
"What makes arithmetic such hard work?"
The second student said he didn't know and the first said, "All those numerals you have to carry."