Writing Two Step Equations Worksheets

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that many students find very difficult to solve. Algebra is where students have to deal with a variable in an equation or expression. Algebraic equations and expressions consist of constants, variables, and arithmetic operations. When learning to solve algebra, you will come across different types of equations. The most basic ones include one-step and two-step algebraic equations. Two-step algebraic equations are the ones that you can solve in two steps. A solved equation has a variable without any co-efficient or numbers with it on one side of the equals-to sign. Consider the following equation; 3x + 2 = 14. You can solve this equation in two simple steps. Step 1: Subtracting 2 on both sides: 3x + 2 - 2 = 14 - 2 : 3x = 12. Step 2: Dividing both sides by 3. x = 4.

An Easy A!

Why did the students in ancient Rome always get "A's" in Algebra?

Because x always equaled 10.