Add & Subtract Algebraic Fractions Worksheets

How to Find the Sum and Difference of Algebraic Fractions - Finding sums and differences in the case of simple whole or natural numbers is pretty easy. You have to apply simple addition and subtraction methods to find the sums and differences in case you are dealing with whole or natural numbers. However, in the case of fractions, addition and subtraction can be a bit different and involve some more steps. Adding fractions, especially when they are algebraic fractions, can be perceived as really tough sums to solve for young kids. Well, not anymore! There is a concept called "like terms" in algebra, which means that if two terms have at least two things in common that are variables and index, they are called like terms and can be added or subtracted. The same goes for such terms if they are written in fractional forms. Adding or subtracting fractional terms just involves one more step, and that is taking the lowest common multiple. When you are adding or subtracting two fractions, first you have to take the L.C.M. of their denominators, the divide the L.C.M. with each of those denominators and multiply whatever the result you get, with their respective numerators. Well, this is the common method of adding or subtracting the fractions, combining the fractions with algebraic terms, you just must take care of the like terms. Only like terms can be added or subtracted in algebra.

Zoo Math

Tickets for the zoo cost $3 for adults and $2 for children. One day 350 tickets were sold and $950 was collected. How many adults visited the zoo? Children? Let x=$3 tickets and y=$2 tickets 1) x+y=350 2) 3x+2y=950 3) 3(350-y)+2y=950 4) y=100 5) x=250.