Division of Polynomials by Monomials Worksheets

How to Divide a Polynomial by a Monomial - The division in polynomials and monomials is conducted in the same manner as they are done in numerals. If we need to divide a polynomial by a monomial, the method is simple, consider the monomial as the divisor and the polynomial as the dividend. In the numerals, when we divide the dividend by the divisor, we multiply the divisor by a number and write the answer under the dividend’s initial digits and subtract. The number that we multiply the divisor with is called a quotient. The division between a polynomial and a monomial is done in the same manner. We first multiply the monomial with a suitable quotient, that will give us an answer that can be subtracted by the first term of the given polynomial. After the subtraction, we write the answer below. Then we multiply the divisor by another quotient and repeat the same process until every term in the polynomial is divided, and we are left with zero remainders.

Classic Expression Based Problem

Mr. Jones is 28 years older than his son. In 11 years, he will be 3 times as old as his son. How old is each person now? Answer: 3(x + 11) = x + 28 + 11
Mr. Jones: 31; son: 3