Drawing Linear Equations Worksheets

How to Draw a Line Based on a Point it Passes Through and Slope - There are three different ways to draw a line of a graph. The first is the two-point form; the second is the slope-intercept form and slope-point form. The slope-point form is the easiest way to draw a line. In this case, you will need a point through which the line is passing and its slope or gradient. The general form of a straight line is given by; y=mx+c. Here, "m" is the slope or gradient, and "c" is the y-intercept. As we are learning the slope-point form, you will already have the value of "m" in the question. Now, to find the y-intercept, you substitute the value of "m" and the point in the places of "x" and "y." After solving for "c," you will get the y-intercept. You can then substitute both the value of m and c into the general form of a straight line. Now, you have the y-intercept, slope, and one point. You can also find the x-intercept by replacing y with 0. With these points you can then easily draw a straight line.

What Are Variables?

A variable is a symbol that represents a number. It's easiest to use letters that remind you what they stand for: such as n for number of apples, d is the distance traveled, t for time. You might say that s stands for the side-length of a square.