Evaluating Variable Expressions Worksheets

What are Variable Expressions? Are you confused with what variable expressions are? Do not worry! We can help! Here is an example to help you understand what it means. Alice runs a successful bakery and clears $3,400 in profit every day. But she has pledged $200 to her best friend, Marcus, who is participating in a cause for promoting awareness about mental health. Alice is eager to know how much profit she will have left after a given number of days. Okay, now, because Alice is not working with a set number of days, she would need to use a variable. So, what is a variable? It is a symbol that stands for an unknown value. The unknown value can be represented by any variable. So, for the number of days, we can use the letter d. For finding Alice's profit before she took the pledge, we need to multiply the daily profit with the number of days she has been working. That is 3,400 x d. This can also be written as 3400d. This is referred to as a term. This can either be a number, a variable, or a number and a variable multiplied with each other. When we have a combination of terms together to solve, the entire operation is known as a variable expression since there is more than one term, and it has at least one variable that needs to be found.

Xs and Os

For those people who do not like algebra, consider this:
maybe it's a battle of the x's.