Factorial Notation Worksheets

What is factorial notation? The exclamation mark is known as the factorial sign. But what exactly does it mean? A common expression that we usually use in the English language in the statements like; "Hey man! I got this" Never have ever we thought that we would this exclamation mark in mathematics too. The factorial notation is used with numbers to find the products. The sign is used right after the figure and is written as 5! Or 8! But what exactly this notation means? The notation refers to multiplying all the positive integers that are less than or equal to the chosen number. This means that when you have 5! you will multiply all numbers starting from 1 till 5, just like 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5. Did you see how we do it? This is what factorial refers to. The factorial notation is widely used when we are faced with permutations and combinations. When we calculate factorials, we simply multiply the numbers and get the answer within minutes. This way, you can say think of factorials as a mere multiplication.

That's Odd

I'm thinking of an odd whole number between 2 and 300. Add 73 to the number and then divide by two. That result plus the lowest possible number will equal four times the difference between the number and the highest possible number. What is the number? Answer: 257