Factoring Applications Worksheets

How is factoring used in the Real World? Almost everything in the real world is connected with mathematics. Believe it or not, we use many mathematical concepts in our real-life unconsciously. But the factorial notation comes in handy, particularly when we are arranging and organizing objects. Consider the following scenario that may help you understand how we can use factoring in the real world. For instance, you have ten snooker balls, and each one has a number on it. Then there are ten slots empty that you have to fill in with these balls. In how many different ways can you place these ten balls? This is where the concept of factorial comes into play. The total ways you can fill in these slots is 10. And as you move left or right with the slots, the count decreases, like you can fill in the second place with 9, third with 8, fourth with 7, and so on. For all such arrangements of numbers, patterns, and objects, we use factorials. However, the initial answer you will get for the factorial is from the fundamental principles of counting, which is 10.

That's Odd

In 1897 the State House of Representatives of Indiana unanimously passed a bill setting pi equal to 16 (sqrt 3), which approximately equals 9.2376! And you thought our legislators didn't do important work!