Difference of Perfect Squares Worksheets

How to Find the Difference of Perfect Squares? The concept of the binomial theorem has resolved many small problems which help in solving complex problems easily. One of the major easiness is the factor formula for finding the difference between two perfect squares. In other words, to factor the difference between two perfect squares, then the sum and difference of the two square roots factor the binomial. For instance, you are given the problem of 9x2-16, now you need to find the difference in the perfect square. The first step is to find the square root of each function, which is the 3x and 4. Now, we can write the sum and difference of roots. 9x2 - 16 = (3x+4)(3x-4)

Apple Trees

Three people picked 65 apples altogether. At the first tree they each picked the same number of apples. At the second tree they each picked 3 times as many as they picked at the first tree. When they finished at the third tree, the group had 5 times as many apples as they had when they started at that tree. At the fourth tree the group picked just 5 apples. How many apples did each person pick at the first tree?
Answer: Each person picked 1 apple at the first tree.