Find the Intercepts Worksheets

How to Find the x and y Intercepts of the Line Based on the Equation of the Line - There are several ways of finding the x or y-intercept of a line. In mathematics, it said that every line, curve, or even a single dot that is drawn on the graph, has an equation. Beginning with a dot, or a point, their equations are pretty simple, consisting of just two coordinated (x and y). However, as we move further to linear and curvy linear equations, things become complex. If we talk about finding the x and y-intercepts of a line through the equation of the line itself, it is pretty simple. Let us see how. There is a simple technique that is followed to solve for both these intercepts. The concept says that the x-intercept of a line is a point on the x-axis through which the line passes. Similarly, the y-intercept of a line is a point on the y-axis through which the line passes. So, given that on the x-axis, the value of y-coordinate will always be equal to zero no matter how far we go on either end. When we are solving for the x-intercept, we just consider the y-coordinate of the equation as zero and solve for x. In the case of solving for the y-intercept, we consider the x-coordinate to be zero and solve for y.

Who is She?

She was the very first woman known to have made a substantial contribution to the development of mathematics in recorded history. Who is she? Hypatia.