Graphs & Equations of Lines Worksheets

What Can an Equation of a Line Tell You? An equation can tell you a lot about a line, and what it shows in the context of the problem given. Moreover, there are times when one equation cannot model a situation completely. In those circumstances, you might need a second equation or more with the corresponding number of variables. However, there are different types of equations that we use regularly. The first one is the linear equation which shows us that the line is a straight one. A linear equation has the highest power of 1, while the number of variables does not matter. Another type of equation is the non-linear equations. In this group, there are different types of equations, which exhibit different types of lines. For instance, a quadratic equation belongs to the non-linear family and it shows a curve. Find the equation of line that has slope of 6 and passes through the point (-3, 5). Use the point slope form when a point on the slope and slope is given.

Who is the most famous mathematician of our time?

Hint: He is confined to a wheelchair from Lou Gerhig's Disease and is the author of " A Brief History of Time?"
Answer: Stephen Hawking.