Number Line Expressions Worksheets

How to Show an Expression on a Number Line - Writing an algebraic expression and solving it for the values of its variables is what we are doing all the time in Algebra. However, there is a separate method of representing the expressions as well. Expressions can also be represented on a number line. How? Let’s find out. The method of showing expression on a number line is pretty simple. A number line is extended on both the sides of the point zero. Point zero is where the value of any variable is assumed to be zero. On the right of the zero, all positive values lie and on its left lie all the negative values, both extending to infinity. An expression after being solved for the values of its variables is expressed on the number line by solution sets. A solution set determines the range for the value of a certain variable and that range is shaded on the number line. The shaded region then represents the values of the variables for the given expression.

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