Powers Worksheets

What is a Power in Math? Want to become solid at mathematics? If that's who you want to be, excelling the basic concepts of mathematics is a bare minimum. Along with many other powerful concepts of mathematics that have made mathematics easy and effortless. There is one known as power in mathematics. The power over a number shows or reflects the number of times a number can be multiplied or used. It is also known as exponents or exponential numbers. The power or exponent is a small number written on the top right of a number which is known as the base number. For example, 82. This shows the number 8, which is the base number has a power of 2 and hence, can be multiplied or used twice in the problem. In general, an expression that shows repeated multiplication of the same factor is called a power. To put it simply, it is just a simple way to write longer mathematical multiplication expressions in a shorter way.

Circle Fit the Square?

It is easy to prove that if you have a circle that fits exactly inside of a square, than * = 4 x (area of the circle) / (area of the square).