Simplify Complex Fractions Worksheets

How Do You Simplify Complex Fractions? Complex fractions are often encountered in word problems. Word problems that involve fractions are often considered difficult for students resulting in reluctance in attempting the questions. Yes, they are a bit more complex than typical word problems. However, using the right tips and rules, these questions can be solved by any student. All you need to do is practice. Let's try to understand specific examples. Multiplying Fraction word problems: While at a bakery, a woman purchased bought half a pound of chocolate fudge cake. She ate that cake at night after dinner at around ΒΌ of it. How much is left? Dividing Fraction Word Problem: Jamal's mother made his favorites, peanut butter caramel fudge cake around 1/3 of a pound. She shared the fudge into four equal pieces. How much cake will go into each container? Tips: 1. You need to read the problem carefully at first. 2. Give it another read, if you are still not able to understand. 3. Explain that problem in your own words to someone else (a friend or a teacher). 4. Focus on every single sentence. 5. Use visual representation to understand the problem better. 6. Discuss the answer with someone to be sure it is making any sense. Practice the same problem with different variables and numbers.


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