Simplify Radicals Worksheets

Simplifying Radical Values - Simplifying a radical value can be a bit difficult, especially with those numbers whose answers after applying the radical sign are not whole or natural numbers. For example, solving for the value of the square root of 3 can be a bit difficult task as the answer to such a problem won't result in a natural or a whole number. However, one common method of simplifying the radical values is by eliminating the radical sign itself. This can be done by factorizing the number that is present under the radical sign. Factorization of a number can be done in many ways, but the most common of all is breaking the number into like pairs. This is widely observable in the cases of such numbers that have a proper square or cube roots. For example, in the case of number 49, if we have to calculate the square root of 49, we can simply break 49 into a pair of 7's. That pair can also be written as 72. Index 2 can easily cancel out the radical sign, and we can obtain the answer of 7.

A Sad Fact

Hypathia, the first woman to make a contribution to modern mathematics was murdered by Nitrian monks because they felt that her teachings were pagan?
-- Albert Einstein