Simplifying Algebraic Fractions Worksheets

How to Reduce Algebraic Fractions - The reduction of algebraic fractions is pretty much similar to a normal arithmetic reduction. However, in arithmetic reduction, we just subtract to whole o fractional numbers. While in the case of algebraic fractions, the variable part also comes into play. The constant part of an algebraic fraction is reduced similarly, as they are reduced during arithmetic sums. The variable part, however, is solved according to some rules. To solve two algebraic fractions or terms, we first need to see whether the variables of both the terms are the same or not. If they are same, then we check if their exponents are the same as well. If both variables and exponents of both the terms are same, only then we proceed with the reduction. The reduction is pretty simple, and according to the math rules, we subtract the constant part only and write the answer with their variables and exponents copied down as they are.

That Pascal!

This mathematician has a triangle named after him. In which each number in the triangle is the sum of the two numbers above it.
Who is he? Blaise Pascal.
-- Albert Einstein