Solving Equations Worksheets

Tips for solving equations An equation can be hard to understand. Ranging from a single equation to a multi-step equation, mathematics has a variety of them. The only way to crack single, multi-step, and complex equations is to learn the tips and hacks to solve them skillfully. All equations, either single or multi-step, have an equal sign. Follow the below mentioned tricks and methods to solve equations. 1. Ensure that the equations maintain a balance with the equality sign in between, making it equal at both hands. 2. Isolate the variables on one side of the equation. 3. Look for any fractions in the equations. If you find any, make sure to convert them into decimals or remove them altogether. 4. Look for parenthesis and solve them first in the equation. 5. Make sure that the variable terms are on one side, and the constants, if any, are on the other side. 6. Undo the already done operations in the equation. 7. Take the constants on the other side and simplify.

What's an Equation?

An equation states that two numbers or expressions are equal. Equations are useful for relating variables and numbers. Word problems are written down as equations to weed out unnecessary information. There are rules for simplifying equations.