Exponential Equations Common Bases Worksheets

What are exponential equations with common bases? There are many equations in mathematics that are used to express relationships or find the unknown. Among the many types of equation one, which is commonly used in mathematics is known as an exponential equation. An exponential equation is that consists of a variable in the exponent/power. Having a common base in exponential equations refers to having the same number on both sides of the equation with the same or different exponents. And when both sides of the equation have the same base, the exponents on either side of the equation are equal by the property bx = by which says that both the x and y are equal. x = y. When we are asked to solve exponential equations, the first thing that we look for is the best way to solve them. Some can be solved by rewriting them all over, some by rearranging and others can be solved using logarithms. It is important to note that the simplest form of the exponential equation to solve is the one that has a common base on both sides.

Who is Right, This Time?

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