Fractional Equations Worksheets

How to Solve Fractional Equations - A fraction is a standard method that is used for expressing rational numbers, which are not whole numbers. A fraction can be used for determining the partial value of rational numbers. The concept of fractions is taught generally at the grade school level and mastered before advancing into more complicated math stages. Identifying the components of a fraction is also essential. A fraction is defined by the expression a/b. Here a and b are integers, and within the fraction a is the numerator and b is the denominator. In order to find the fraction of an integer, you need to calculate the fraction of a whole number by multiplying that number by its numerator and then dividing that product with the denominator. Thus, the fraction a/b of a whole number x is given by ax/b. Let us try to understand that with the help of an example. 3/4 of 21 is 3 multiplied by 21 and then divided by 4 or in simple terms, 63/4. This is called an improper fraction because here, the numerator is bigger than the denominator.

Where Are Fractional Equations Common?

These types of equations are very commonplace in the world of problem solving. This lends itself to the field of research science and engineering. It is also used in many different aspect of population science and social based systems.