Linear Inequalities Worksheets

What are linear Inequalities? It is now time to switch up a little and move forward with the mathematical concepts as we start to learn about new things. By now, you would have learnt the concept of linear equalities and other graphical equations, but soon you are going to face linear inequalities too. So, let us find out what are these. Linear Inequalities are equations that involve a linear function. They contain one of the symbols of inequalities and represent the data which is not equal in graph form. In simpler terms, linear inequalities are like linear equations, not having an equal sign, instead have one of these signs, <, >, ≥ , or ≤ and even ≠ . The graph of a linear inequality is a straight-line graph. Inequalities that have the same solution are called equivalent. The solution of a linear inequality in two variables A and B are represented in an ordered pair just like (x, y) which gives or makes the inequality statement true when the value is substituted into the inequality.

Thoughts On Algebra

"Algebra is the intellectual instrument which has been created for rendering clear the quantitative aspects of the world."
-- Alfred North Whitehead.