Divisibility Worksheets

What is Meant by Divisibility? Mathematics is not just about brackets and addition and subtraction. There are many terms and definitions that are related to mathematics, as well. Even the terms addition and subtraction have definitions related to them. Just like that, there is one other term that has a unique definition. Among the many terms and definitions, there is one, divisibility, that is much easier than we think it is! Let's start with an example. Take a paper and tear it in two halves. Now tear the two halves in more halves. Now those halves in halves. Keep tearing them in halves till you don't have any space left to tear the page. Similar to that, in math, when a number can be broken down into smaller numbers, it is known as divisibility. To be more exact, divisibility is the ability of a number to be evenly divided by another number until there is no remainder left. For example, number 4 can be divided by 2, and 2 can be divided by 1. Here's a little fact, all even numbers can be divided by 2!

Dog Kennel Math

Frank owns a kennel and he has a problem. If he puts one puppy in each cage, he has one puppy too many. If he puts 2 puppies in each cage, he has one cage too many.
How many puppies and cages does he have?

3 puppies, 4 cages