Factorial Worksheets

What are Math Factorials? The factorial function is a common expression or operation of mathematics denoted by ! is basically a very simple thing. It is the product of all positive integers that are less than or equal to a given positive integer. Say, the factorial of 4 or 4! This will include multiplying all the positive integers starting from the positive 1 till the number 4 itself. 1 x 2 x 3 x 4. The answer to this factorial would be 24. Therefore, they are generally mentioned as n! According to this rule, the factorial of any number is that number times one less than the number (that number minus 1). N! = n x (n-1). However, it is important to notice that for a number of reasons, 0! equals to 1. You will usually encounter factorials during the evaluation of the permutations and combinations and while dealing with the coefficients of the binomial expansions. They have been generalized to take in and work with nonintegral values without many efforts.

The Answer

The highest moments in the life of a mathematician are the first few moments after one has proved the result, but before one finds the mistake.