Function Table Worksheets

What are the function tables? A function in mathematics is a rule that allows a set of inputs to a set of outputs in a way that each input gets a unique output. That is, no input corresponds to more than one output. And because of this quality of function, its term ‘function’ can be thought of as a concept ‘determined by.’ These tables can be composed of a singular or multi-step rule set. At first, we will explore the concept by using predetermined data sets or outputs. As we advance with this skill, we can recognize this to create our own tables to describe situations and natural phenomena that we come across in our travels. When we talk about function tables, a function table displays the inputs and relative outputs of a function. The functional tables can be vertical as well as horizontal, which means that you can display both ways up and down. This will help you understand the function table in a better way. Sometimes, these rules are best described in words, and other times, they are described through an equation.

What's the Number?

What is a 4-digit number where the first digit is 1/3 the second, the third is the sum of the first and second and the last is three times the second?
Try solving this one by working backwards.