Like Terms Worksheets

How to Identify and Group Like Math Terms In math, terms are separated with each other by writing a sign in between them. Recall that a monomial is a single term, binomial is with two terms, trinomial has three terms, and polynomial is with multiple terms. So, when you are asked how many terms are there is the expression 3x + 2xy + 5y - 2z your answer should be four. Or you can say a polynomial. We know what term is, but what are the like terms? The terms that can be easily combined are known as the like terms. For example, you can combine and write 3x + 2x t get 5x. In the example 3x + 2xy + 5y - 2z, there are no like terms. Learning to combine like terms is an invaluable skill in algebra. Without mastering this skill, it is challenging to solve advanced algebraic problems. So, here we have discussed a few ways of how to identify and group lie terms in an algebraic problem. First, identify all the constants and variables. These are easier to identify and group. Constants are the numbers that stand on their own, and variables are the symbols or letter written next to the constants. Constants can be found as 4, 34, 56, 445. And variables are often written as 'x', 'y', 'a', and 'b'. Add or subtract all the constants. Remember that these stand-alone numbers never change. So, performing operations on them initially won't bring any change in the result. Then, identify the coefficients with like variables. For instance, x2 + x3 cannot be grouped as they have different variables. However, x2 + 2x2 can be added as they are with similar variables.

Coming to Terms

A teacher was trying to impress her students with the fact that terms cannot be subtracted from one another unless they are like terms. "For example," she continued, "we cannot take five apples from six bananas."
"Well," countered a pupil, "can't we take five apples from three trees?"