Permutations Worksheets

What are Permutations? The words permutations and combinations are most commonly used together whenever they are used anywhere in mathematics. Before you know what alterations are, lets' first try to understand what a combination is. Consider this example to understand it; Mother made a salad mix of walnut, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and apple. Here, in this example, it does not matter what order you follow to mix the ingredients. You dump in all the veggies and fruits and prepare a bowl of salad for yourself. This salad is just a combination of fruits and vegetables without any order. If the order doesn’t matter, then it is known as a combination, and if the order matters, then it is called a permutation. Therefore, you can say that permutation is an ordered combination. A permutation is an ordered arrangement of all or a few parts of a set of objects, ensuring that the arrangement does not lose.

Mary Everest Boole, Philosophy And Fun Of Algebra

"let us agree to call it x, and let us always remember that x stands for the Unknown. ... This method of solving problems by honest confession of one's ignorance is called Algebra."

Fun Fact

Did you know that famed mathematician Rene Descartes was admitted into college at the tender age of only eight?!