Simplify Equations Worksheets

How to Simplify Equations - Algebra marks the first step towards learning conceptual mathematics. It literally is the first exposure to equations, variables, and expressions. And quite understandably, students face difficulties in grasping the concepts and developing a firm grasp of solving the algebraic problems. However, all these challenges can be easily overcome by learning the basic strategies of simplifying the equations and breaking down the expressions. Here we have addressed a few tips that can help students master the fundamental algebraic concept. 1. The basic strategy of solving the algebraic equation is to isolate the like terms and keep it on one side of the equation. Next, apply the inverse operation to get rid of the exponents and coefficients. 2. If you have the exponent in the equation, ten consider applying radical of the same index. Not that you need to put radicals on both sides of the equation. 3. If you are given an algebraic equation with a fraction, then multiply the entire equation with the denominator. After multiplying the equation with the denominator, isolate the variable, and keep it on one side of the equation. Lastly, solve the equation for an unknown variable. 4. In some cases, you are asked to solve for one variable in an equation with two variables. In such sums, you first need to isolate the variable and solve for that variable.

Simple Things

"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple."
-- S. Gudder