Undefined Fractions Worksheets

What is an Undefined Fraction? You have learned about and dealt with fractions a million times. But how about if we tell you that you have not learned enough? One of the types of these fractions is left to be explored. A fraction is an expression that has both a numerator and a denominator. There are three basic types of fractions; Proper, Improper, and Mixed Fractions. But there is another type of fraction known as Undefined fraction. This fraction is derived from proper fraction. This type of fraction is when the denominator of a fraction is utterly minute or very small that it can be rounded off or assumed as zero. However, in such a case, the answer to that fraction is infinity. An example of such undefined fractions would be, 10/ -100 and 4/ -250. Since these fractions are so minute/small that they cannot be evaluated, the can be neglected or approximated to zero, which will have a much higher impact on the numerator, leaving the answer to infinity.

Solar Logic

Question: What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?

Answer: Pi in the sky!