Sentences As Equation Worksheets

How to write sentences as equations - Probably one of the best things in mathematics is that we have the liberty to solve it as we wish to, except in a few cases where the choice for solving a problem is limited. When you are faced with a problem, the best way to approach is to make sure convert them into an expression or language that helps you get a grasp of it. Isn’t that the best technique to approach it? Similarly, since mathematics requires using numbers and symbols, it somehow becomes inevitable to use them. And to give more meaning to simple mathematical problems written in sentences, you have to convert them in a meaningful expression which is known as an equation. See carefully below how you can write a sentence in an equation . A number increased by 7 is 16. Now you can consider that number/answer as x, the equation will be X + 7 = 16. Another example: Twice a number is eighteen Suppose the answer is going be a; 2a = 18.

Problems with Homework

Teacher: Did you parents help you with these homework problems?
Pupil: No, I got them all wrong by myself!