Matching Number Sentences to Pictures Worksheets

How to Match Number Sentences to Pictures? Resolving number sentences can be a great mathematics activity for children to better understanding the counting technique. By using colors and pictures to resolve number sentences, students will be able to understand its concept exceptionally. Students can separate the objects into separate groups and learn how to record number sentences. Let us solve a few examples. Now, the question is simple, and you have to identify how many stars and moon are there. The stars are two and there is only one moon. The number sentence will be 3 = 1 + 2. Similarly, you can solve multiple problems with similar situations. For instance, you can ask your students to make two sets of 5 index cards in each set. For the first set, make numeral cards by writing numbers from 1 to 5 with one numeral per card. For the second set, they can draw pictures with numbers 1 to 5 of their choice. Now, they can match each number card with a corresponding picture card.

Add Them Up

Add up all the numbers on the keypad of your phone. Multiply that sum by the all the numbers on the keypad of your phone. But you have to do it without looking at your phone! See if you can do it in less than the average time of 30 seconds.